Time is the most important part you need to consider before gazing the celestial objects. Deciding when the best time to go stargazing is more important than deciding where to go. If you choose the wrong time, you will get nothing to look at. Most of us always think that the spot away from light pollution can be the best place to look at the stars, but it is totally wrong. Below, we have provided you several hints to decide when is the best time to gaze the stars and other celestial objects.

Think about the moonlight. Natural moonlight may cover your sight to see and only the brightest stars can be visible to see. The moon full is known as the brightest night and when the time comes, darker sites will no longer darker than in the center of the city. And, the perfect time to gaze the stars are the day before, and soon after new moon. You will see thousands of stars with your naked eye. When there is no moon in the night sky, you will be able to see Milky Way arching across the sky. The best time to see stars is by avoiding the full moon.

Time To Go To Observatory For Watching The Celestial ObjectsWhen summer comes, you are still able to see the stars. There are a few things you need to consider. Summer has the shortest nights and the longest days and it means that it significantly reduce the possibility to gaze the stars. The hours of evening twilight and morning are longer during summer. The skies will take longer to get dark after sunset and will get light earlier before sunrise. And, there is still a chance to watch the stars, summer twilight can be the best time to look at the stars when the summer. Next, there are seasons that lets you see the night sky with a full of shimmering stars. Spring, Winter, and Autumn are the best seasons to gaze the stars. The best of the best is Winter because it has the longest nights. At that time, you will easily have a incredible stargazing experience and find numbers of stargazing events that are held during the period. Now, your task is to know when the night will be darker than the other. You can browse the calendar on the internet or just download some astronomy apps that are able to know darker night sites.