We Challenge You to Find a Better Observatory!

Fiberglass Construction
We challenge you to find superior construction. We offer the same strength and characteristics of ocean going yachts!

Weather Defiant
We challenge you to fins better weather defense. We waterproof joints to all dome and wall panels and the seal is guaranteed for life!

Gelcoar Finishes
We challenge you to find a tougher finish. We only use the best marine grade Gelcoat !

Factory Finished and Assembled
We challenge you to find a better fit and finish. Our observatories are pre-assembled and made fully operational at our plant prior to shipping!

Dismantle and Reassemble
We challenge you to find more durable portability. Simply unbolt all the numbered parts and rebuild at your new location.

Models are avaiable for Amateur, Educational and Professional Astronomers

[one-third-first]2.3m Home Model

2.3m Home Model

Perfect for your garden![/one-third-first]

Take a look at the night skies from the privacy of your own backyard !
Weather-resistant and easy to install, our modular design is easy to maintain with a gelcoat finish – imagine your friend’s amazement when they see an observatory in your yard!

Total Height: 2.83m / 9’3″
Wall Height: 1.5m / 5’0″
Diameter: 2.3m / 7’6″
Door Size: 1.15m H x 1.0m W / 3’6″ x 2’6″
Aperture Width: 0.6m / 2’0″
Open past zenith: 250mm / 0’10”



[one-third-first]3.5m School Model[/one-third-first]


For the amateur or professional astronomer, or even school or astronomy clubs, this 3.5m Observatory houses a larger telescope and the dome can be either manually or remotely operated.

Total Height: 3.25m / 10′ 6″
Wall Height: 1.5m / 5′ 0″
Diameter: 3.5m / 11′ 6″
Door Size: 1/15m h x 1.0m w / 3′ 6″ x 3′ 3″
Aperture Width: 1.0m / 3′ 3″
Open Past Zenith: 400mm / 1′ 3″



[one-third-first]5.0m College Model

5.0m College Model
Our 5.0m Observatory is a very popular…



Our 5.0m Observatory is a very popular observatory for Astronomy Clubs as it is able to accommodate more people inside and quite a large telescope and pier.

With a remotely operated, computerised dome rotation, this model is super-easy to maintain and looks great.

Total Height: 4.5m / 12′ 3″
Wall Height: 1.8m / 5′ 11″
Diameter: 5m / 16′ 6″
Door Size: 1.37m h x 1.02m w / 4′ 6″ x 3′ 4″
Aperture Width: 1.5m / 5′ 0″
Open Past Zenith: 750mm / 1′ 5″



[one-third-first]6.7m University Model

6.7m University Model
What a spectacular observatory this is! So much…


What a spectacular observatory this is! So much so that the Aeronautical & Space Museum in the USA purchased one from us last year, as well as several well-known Astronomy companies.

Shipped all over the world, this product has been purchased by people from Presidents to Astronomy Clubs, and all made to our exact, high-quality standards.

Total Height: 5.5m / 18′ 0″
Wall Height: 2m / 6′ 6″
Diameter: 6.7m / 22′ 0″
Door Size: 1.78m h x 0.98m w / 5′ 10″ x 3′ 2″
Aperture Width: 1.8m / 6′ 0″
Open Past Zenith: 800mm / 2′ 6″



[one-third-first]Dockside Storage Locker

 First designed for marina berths..[/one-third-first]

First designed for marina berths, our dockside storage lockers have come in very handy for our numerous customers.
When going out to sea, the lines can be kept safely and out of the elements while you are away.

In fact, our dockside storage locker is perfect for any spare product that you want to keep near your vessel but not necessarily on board, right down to the hose and fittings.



[one-third-first]Observatory Domes

Observatory Domes[/one-third-first]

Do you have your own room with a telescope in it and just need the dome roof to complete your observatory? We have the answer.
You are able to purchase a dome only from Sirius Observatories Australia Pty Ltd, and still get the same excellent after-sales service.

Contact us today!



[one-third-first]Pool Filter Cover

Pool Filter Cover

Our stylish and durable Pool Filter…


Our stylish and durable Pool Filter Cover will keep your pool filter safe from the elements.

Easy to get into, having this cover over your filter will refresh your yard and filter area.

Looks fantastic and is easy to maintain and clean as it has a gelcoat finish.

Why not call us today for your obligation-FREE quote.



[one-third-first]Storage Locker

Storage Locker[/one-third-first]

Looking for a place to store those pool toys? Or maybe even some spare dry towels?

Our storage lockers are able to withstand the harsh Australian outdoors and keep your belongings safe from the elements.

Lockable, durable and stylish, our locker will look great around your pool area.

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[one-third-first]Storage Lockers

Storage Lockers[/one-third-first]

From your marina berth, to pontoon, to poolside to garden – our fiberglass storage lockers is the answer to your outdoor storage needs.
Able to withstand the harsh Australian climate, Sirius Storage Lockers look great anywhere and are big enough to house anything from ropes and hoses, to pool toys, to garden equipment.

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