The observatory has exceeded my expectations. It has been very water proof, even in 100mm downpours. The sealing of the wall to floor join was easy. I have had no problems with insects or moisture getting into the observatory whilst it has been closed. The electric dome rotation works flawlessly and the storage bays provide excellent space for computer, monitor, and drawers. Now that I have electricity connected and lights installed the observatory makes a fantastic and comfortable place for exploring the heavens. I would unreservedly recommend one to any person considering setting up an observatory.

By Peter, Australia

I’ve got to tell you, it was a good decision purchasing your product. This winter we had gusts of wind in the 75-85mph range. The Home Model Dome had no damage or leaks. All the equipment was protected as advertised.


The 22’0″ [Sirius 6.7m University Model] fiberglass observatory is intended for professional scientific application. It is extremely detailed and functional for multi-applications with all the professional requirements suited for research or institutional use. It is constructed with two complete entry doors, illuminated exist signs, handicap access, in accordance with Federal Guidelines, solar powered dome rotation and shutter openings, “guest” 20 amp AC charger and electrical power panel. Dome rotation is effortless with zero dB noise inside the observatory. It has no exposed mechanics, or driving members, all in accordance with OSHA standards.