A Beginner Guide, How to Operate Your New Small Telescopes

Have bought or given a new small telescope? If the telescope is your new thing, you do not really know how to perfectly operated the telescopes? Do not worry, this article will guide you how to operate your new telescope! So, let’s find out how to get started!

Go easy on magnification. Most of the small telescopes offers you with eyepiece combinations giving your 500X magnification or more. The rule to use magnification is to use it between about four or twenty-five times between one and zero point sixteen the diameter of your scope’s objective lens. Using the magnification with a small scope can result blurry, dim, and a very narrow view. Additionally, if your telescopes complete with an GOTO mount, please do not expect too much of it. Mostly, these mounts work automatically to point the scope at a selected object. And, for the most pointing accuracy relies on the setup and the gears quality. When using the GOTO of your scope, make sure to use an eyepiece giving you its lowest magnification which captures a large view and increases the opportunities of finding your target.

When targeting faint objects, you should make your eyes have a chance to adjust go the dark for 20-30 minutes. It will make sure eyes more sensitive. If you look a bit to the averted vision, you will see more objects when gazing very faint objects. In addition, it may be often difficult to gaze stars, planets, aurora etc in the crowded cities with light pollution. There are two ways to get the best spot, first, you should set up your telescopes in a dark area like in the shadow of buildings and trees and then a place with the darker skies in rural areas outside of the town is also the best place to gaze astronomical objects. And, everything is set. It is time to get a practice!