Useful Tips For Those Who Want to Stargaze Without A Telescope

Stargazing is one of the most interesting activity that can be enjoyed for people of all ages and done anywhere with following simple tips. Before you start stargazing, you should know that the weather is an important thing to be considered. Winter is the best time to stargaze because of the longer nights and low humidity. The key to stargaze is that you can enjoy stargazing as long as the sky clear.

If you want to try stargazing at home but you do not have a telescope, you can follow tips from to see how amazing the universe at night. First thing first you need to do is to become familiar with the night sky. The most important thing stargazers must have in mind before going outside to know well what they are searching for in the night. It can be varied from a specific planet to a star constellation. Do not need to worry if you do not have a telescope. In fact, there is plenty activity that does not require a telescope. One simplest way to look for the object you can use astronomy apps on your smartphones tablet. The app shows nightly stars chart, planets, the moon, etc so you plan your stargazing time in advance. Next, you can choose a spot that has not light pollution. The night sky is fulfilled with countless galaxies, constellations, as well as stars and light pollution can limit your sight to see them. Here, you need to travel far away from towns and highways. You need to keep in mind that the farther you travel from the city light, the higher visibility you have to see stars or galaxies. Stargazers also need to see the moon phase to get the best experience of stargazing.

After those two things are set, now your turn to adjust your eyes to the dark. Another thing should every stargazer is patience. It is the main key to see the stars. As the information, people’s eye will adapt and adjust to the dark within minutes and it possibly takes as long as 30 Р45 minutes to completely adjust to the dark. You are not suggested to use a flashlight or look at your cell phone cause it can ruin your night vision. You need to keep in mind that stargazing without the telescope can only see the surface of the galaxies but for seeing deeper galaxies, you need to use the telescope.