Jantar Mantar observatory

The Most Spectacular Astronomical Place For Stargazing Around The World – For those who love stargazing, this can be an overwhelmed moment to find the right place to watch the shimmering stars night. Additionally, there are a thousand observatories in the world but not all of them delivers unforgettable stargazing experience. And, these following wonderful observatories around the world offers unusual stargazing experience.

The first spectacular observatory in our list is Jantar Mantar observatory, India. The Jantar Mantar observatory is the biggest observatory built and a house of more than 15 astronomical instruments. Sadly, this place was only operated for seven years only. Here, you with can do some great astronomical activities like seeing eclipse, watching stars, moons, planets, and more. This was currently used for calculating the Hindu calendar.

Next, Spain has one of the awesome observatories around the world, the Teide National Park. The Teide National Park is known as the biggest park on the Canary Island. When you are here, you will feel like in the moon already, it has an unusual landscape of craters with rivers of petrified lava and volcanoes. It only focuses on robotic astronomy and solar observations. With a pristine night, good light as the ideal stargazing condition, you can watch and observe various astronomical objects.

Next, Sydney Observatory, Australia is the majestic observatory which highlights how engineering and technology impact Australia and around the world. It also shows some regular exhibitions and event at the days. There is a 3D Space Theater and planetarium for watching educational films.

Last, Most of the astronomers claim that the night skies in Northern Chile is the best of the best dark sky in the world. Your stargazing moment will be extremely good with no light pollution for more than 300 clear days. There are some observatories you can visit like Ceile Sur observatory, Las Silla observatory, Cerro Calan observatory and many more.