Choosing the Best Telescope for the Beginners

Choosing the Best Telescope for the Beginners – In the observatory, the telescope is one of the most important instruments. Using a telescope, the people can see what will happen in the space. After that, they can collect the information and try to explain the natural phenomenon of the space. However, sometimes the telescope is hard to operate. As it needs a complicated technique to adjust the optical part so that the light ca n be turned to an image perfectly. However, for the people who want to start their activity in the observatory, they can use the telescope for the beginner. This telescope will be much simpler than other telescopes so that even the amateurs can use it.

The first telescope for the beginner is a Newtonian telescope. This telescope consists of two types of mirrors that are primary and secondary mirrors. The primary mirror is the parabolic mirrors with a bigger size. Meanwhile, the secondary mirror is the flat mirror with a smaller size than the primary mirror. The optical part of the Newtonian telescope is called as Optical Tube Assembly. The advantage of using the Newtonian telescope is the price is cheaper than the telescope with the lenses as the optical part since the Newtonian telescope only uses a mirror. Another telescope for the beginner is the Refractor telescope. For more pricing and model also can check on they are also supply for part telescope online.

This telescope is designed with the hollow tube and the objective lens as the primary lens. The function of the objective lens is to collect light reflection and bend it. After that, the light rays will be passed to the focal point. The secondary lens or eyepiece is used to reflect and magnify the light after passing the focal plane. So, the different secondary lens or eyepiece will produce a different magnification of the image. The good point of the refractor telescope is producing a high quality of the image. This telescope can produce a crisp and sharp image due to the presence of two lenses. The refraction telescope has low maintenance. So, amateur people can try to operate it. However, since the refraction telescope uses lenses instead of mirrors, the purchasing price is more expensive than a Newtonian telescope.

Another option for the beginner telescope is the Dobsonian telescope. This telescope uses the same principle with a Newtonian telescope. It has OTA as the optical part. In addition, it is also designed with the primary and secondary mirrors. However, the Dobsonian telescope has a larger range diameter of the primary mirrors than the Newtonian telescope. In addition, the shape and operation procedures of the Dobsonian are easier for the beginner.

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