Types of Refractor Telescope for the Observatory Equipment

Types of Refractor Telescope for the Observatory Equipment – The observatory is the place to see the natural phenomenon of the space. In this place, the equipment sees the phenomenon is placed and stored. There are many observatories place in the world. The observatory can be used to explain and understand what is happening in the space. Well, by understanding the natural phenomenon of the space, it can open the opportunity for gaining more knowledge about it. In order to achieve this purpose, the quality and quantity of observatory equipment are important. One of the most important pieces of equipment in the observatory is a refractor.

The refractor is the equipment to see the natural phenomenon in the long distance. The refractor is designed with the curved lens on the front side of the refractor. The curved lens is used to collect the light, then bends the light. After that, the light will be concentrated on the focal point in the range area of the optical tube. How to use it? First, you can see the space by seeing the light path directly. However, if you want to put the refractor telescope in the high position towards the sky, you need to kneel down and look the eyepiece that is located at the end of the tube. There are some types of refractory telescope that can be used in the observatory. Generally, the types of refractors can be differentiated into two types that are Achromatic and Apochromatic refractor. The achromatic refractor is designed with 2 lens elements. Meanwhile, the apochromatic refractor is designed with the 3 or more lenses to provide the better quality of the observation result. There are some examples of the fabrication refractor in the observatory. The first one is 16.2″ Brashear Refractor. This refractor telescope can be installed by mounting the refractor in the main dome. The Brashear Refractor is one of the biggest telescopes in the world with a weight of about 13 tons and 22 feet long. Another type of the refractor is 8 ¼” Clark Refractor. It is designed with 8 ¼” diameter of the lens, the focal length about 105 inches, and f-ratio about 13.

There are some advantages of refractor such as low maintenance, portable refractor, and clean image. The refractor has low maintenance. It is caused by the sealed systems of the refractor. As long as the refractor leans are cleaned carefully and regularly, it can be used for a long time. In addition, the refractor can be moved easily so that it can be used anywhere. It also produces a cleaner image than a reflector.