Telescope Care 101

Telescope Care 101 – Purchasing a telescope for observatory purpose is one achievement, but the owner should also pay attention to the maintenance steps. It is both easy and difficult to care a telescope. To start with, the owner must understand the tips to store and clean the lenses. What are the requirements?

– Keeping Telescope Safely
To store the telescope safely, the owner should find a place that fits these four criteria: moisture less, no dust, protected and spacious. The last requirement is important to prevent any friction while pulling the telescope in or out. The ideal place would be somewhere which has similar temperature as the outdoor. It would reduce your observation set up time.
Garage could be a great option as long as this area is not heated. The owner would have an obligation to bring it out once for a while. Be careful not to catch heat by covering telescope with metal, plastic or vinyl.

– Cleaning Tips For The Scope
Dust always find its way to your optics. If there is a little to fair amount of dust, your optics could function well. Piled up dust, on the other hand, will disturb your view. The image result is not clear and blurred as the dust is also captured. To avoid this, regular cleaning must be done. Prevention step is always better not only in telescope care, but in casino betting too.

So, when is he best time to clean up the scope? It will be when the image is blurred and not clear. As mentioned before, dust is not disturbing unless there are a lot of them. The owner is advised not to clean it too often, as wiping the lens will leave friction mark. A warning for telescope owner; never ever disassemble the seal. Clean only the outer lens. Dust won’t be able to slip inside the lens as long as the storage is proper.

The most important thing about storing a telescope is the humidity. It creates a perfect place for mold to appear, which later will break the parts. Thus, the safest place to keep the telescope is in its box. Make sure the storage area is airy. Also, it is recommended to have regular cleaning schedule for the lenses.