Suitable For Introverts

If you think an introvert is only suitable to be a researcher or observatory, of course you are wrong. There are several types of work that are suitable for introverts, who can be known as shy, quiet, and aloof individuals. Introverts are known as owners of reliable interpersonal skills, great fighters in the world of work, and able to work independently.
Here are some fields of work that are suitable for introverts, including:

  1. Accountant
    Introverts usually like the type of work that does not require collaboration with many people. The accountant position seems suitable for the introvert, because it relies more on organizational and data processing skills. This field is also less demanding of the introvert to collaborate with many people.
  2. Interior designer
    If you have a high spirit of creativity, maybe a profession as an interior designer is suitable. Especially if you are an introvert, this profession is suitable for you, because it allows you to work individually and in small teams.
  3. Researcher/observatory
    A scientific research requires careful planning, because it requires methodological and in-depth analysis. Not infrequently, the observatories feel at home for long in the university laboratory. This job is suitable for introverts who prefer to work with small teams and even individuals.
  4. Photographer
    Some sources say that the strength of the introvert is high creativity. Well, one of the fields that allows you to pour your creative soul is photographer. This field is suitable for those of you who prefer individual or small team work.
  5. Author
    Professions as writers and editors usually complete their own work. Not only that, these two professions also allow them to set their own work schedule. Introverts who like the field of writing, can try this one profession. In addition to minimal interaction with many people, this job also lacks supervision.
  6. Mechanics
    Some introverts like jobs that require patience and hands-on skills. Well, this mechanical profession is suitable for them, because this job requires people who are aware of details and are active. Mechanics usually perform repairs and maintenance on all types of machines.
  7. Librarian
    Not all introverts don’t like socialization, if you are a social introvert, a job as a librarian seems suitable. Because, his responsibility is not only to store and organize books. But also responsible for organizing events in the library and helping visitors find the books they are looking for.
  8. Programmer
    Programming is one of the most interesting jobs for introverts. Because this field of work rarely involves many people, it tends to require problem solving and creativity. Even so, there are also some areas of programmer work that still require the cooperation of several people. However, in the end each programmer will also complete his own project.
  9. Social media specialist
    Being a social media specialist doesn’t have to be social, so it’s perfect for introverts. Because, this profession allows you to spend time only in front of the laptop. To find ideas, visualize ideas, campaign on social media as attractively as possible, and maybe several times will answer customer comments.
  10. Pharmacist
    The pharmacist profession is also suitable for introverts, because their time is spent working behind the scenes as a doctor’s prescription drug maker.
    So those are some jobs that are suitable for introverts. So, not only as a researcher/observatory that can be occupied by the introvert.