Kinds of Telescope for the Observatory

Kinds of Telescope for the Observatory – Do you ever hear about observatory? Well, the observatory is a place to store the equipment for observing the natural phenomenon in the space. The observatory can be said as the astronomy laboratory. In this place, you can see a lot of activities from the people who study astronomy. In order to clearly see the natural phenomenon of the space, the completed equipment is needed. You may hear and see about the telescope. This equipment is designed to help people for seeing the farthings in the space.

There are several types of telescopes that can be used for the activities of the observatory. The different types will give a different quality of the image. In addition, the different types of the telescope also have a different specification. The example of the telescope is the Dobsonian telescope. It is designed with the Optical Tube Assembly or OTA as the optical part. This OTA has a parabolic mirror as the primary mirror and flat secondary as the secondary mirror. Those mirrors are located in the open-ended tube. The focuser of the eyepiece is adjusted on the side of the tube. How does the Dobsonian telescope work? Well, this telescope works by collecting the light on the tube. Then, the light is reflected in the primary mirror and focused on the flat mirror. After that, the light comes to the eyepiece. The Dobsonian telescope provides some advantages such as the high ability to gather the light. The greater light-gathering can lead to the fainter object that is produced by the telescope. In addition, since the Dobsonian telescope uses the mirrors instead of lenses, it has a cheaper cost than the telescope with lenses.

Another example of the telescope is the Newtonian telescope. It is used as the tool for the observatory in the equatorial mount. The Newtonian telescope has the optical part that is called as OTA. It is the same with the optical part of the Dobsonian telescope. It also consists of the primary mirror and the secondary mirror. The process for light imaging also the same as the Dobsonian. The difference between Newtonian and Dobsonian is the diameter size range of the primary mirror. The Newtonian uses 6” – 8” of the primary mirror’s diameter. Meanwhile, the Dobsonian telescope uses about 6” – 16” of the primary mirror’s diameter. There are some advantages of the Newtonian telescope such as more economic than the telescope with the lenses. It also can be used as the observatory equipment on the equatorial mount. Observations must be supported with a super telescope just like you when playing gambling on the site must be supported by the funds and the right guess. In addition, this telescope can be used not only by professionals but also by amateurs.