Free Astronomy Apps For iOS and Android For Stargazing

If you fall in love with astronomy and seeing the night sky, now you can enjoy stargazing anywhere and anytime. Today, technology has rapidly developed and we can see when and where we can see and observe constellations, stars, galaxies etc from your smartphones or tablets. There are several astronomy apps for your iOS and Android devices in order to find the location to observe stars, space stations as well as a start chart.

NASA app is perfect for you to keep up what this largest space agency is working on. This app lets you keep informed about the latest mission of NASA with daily updated images, features, news, tweets, and even live streaming from NASA TV. It is free and only available in iOS. Next, if you want to stargaze, SkyView Free can be your best app to look for and locate the most specific stars and space nations. This app requires to use your back camera of your smartphones to give you a complete information like objects of the sky and names of the Stars You see. Again, it is only available on iOS platform and the result can be shared on social medias. Seeing the night sky with countless stars and galaxies from your iPad is now possible. Download GoSkyWatch Planetarium, you can get 180 degrees view and more information about stars, planets, galaxies, and other constellations that you can see with your naked eyes. Actually, this app is only designed for iPad due to its big screen.

Now you can see the International Space Station or ISS with the naked eye, you just need to download ISS Detector that is only available on your Android devices. This app will give you a notification with an alarm five minutes ahead of time before the ISS flies by. You can track the Hubble space telescope, the Tiangong space station, comets, satellites, etc just by upgrading the premium package. In addition, Sky Map will let you identify the celestial object you are pointing your phone at, thanks to GPS and Google Sky Map. This app will also detect objects that you want and give direction where you can observe the sky. If you want to observe and track the path of satellites instead of natural.objects in the night sky, Satellite Augmented Reality for Android will be much helpful. You can locate the satellite location and search through a database.