Find Out Things You Need To Know Before Going to The Royal Observatory Greenwich

If you are traveling to Greenwich, Greenwich is known on how it becomes the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). There are destinations there that you can go and gain some information. One of them is the essential and historic observatory in Greenwich, the Royal Observatory Greenwich. This article will tell you unspoken things about the observatory that you do not know yet.

The Royal Observatory Greenwich is the importance observatory at that time. It was founded by King Charles II in the 1670s. King Charles is known the one who have a main role in developing better naval navigation systems for the country’s explorers and traders. Charles II is also advised with Sir Christopher Wren who was a professor of astronomy at Oxford about the design and setting up the Royal Observatory Greenwich. Additionally, as the observatory in Greenwich. This place not only can be a place to learn the history of astronomy and navigation but also you can book and take courses to gaze the celestial objects in the night sky through The Great Equatorial Telescope which is known as the largest telescope in the country and the seventh largest in the world

In the Royal Observatory Greenwich, there is an onion dome which is specially built for the Great Equatorial Telescope. This is the widest dome with its tower walls and the iron frame covered with papier mache. As the information, this old observatory has been disturbed twice in its history. The first time was during the First World War. Then, the valuable object glass was sent to a safe place during the Second World War due to the damaged of the observatory in 1944. In conclusion, those things you need to know before going to the Royal Observatory Greenwich.